Quality is the first ingredient

Ortoledda was founded in 1996 and its products are created today in a factory that is equipped with multiple packaging lines and where the production processes are carefully controlled.
The glass jars, trays, sachets and tubs contain preserves whose first ingredient is quality and that are appreciated in Italy and around the world.

A family passion

Caterina, Giuseppe and their son Michele Ledda are the key players in a Sicilian company that has founded its success on their constant commitment and on their meticulous and passionate gastronomic and agricultural research.
Those who know them cannot fail to appreciate their genuine enthusiasm and the depth of their knowledge, which they pour into their company every day.

Our preserves on display

To get to know our specialities and appreciate them in person, just come to Caltagirone and visit Dispensa Ortoledda, an annex to our factory, where the preserves are on display ready to be admired in the various formats provided by our production.

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