Dried cherry tomatoes and Ortoledda capers make this pasta a special summer dish!

Ingredients x 4

– 320 g of pasta (preferably shells)
– 12 Dried cherry tomatoes Ortoledda
– 1 tablespoon capers in Ortoledda salt
– 150 g canned Sicilian tuna
– Chiaramonte gulfi extra virgin olive oil.
– 1 lemon bio
– parsley, q.b.
– salt q.b.
– chilli pepper, q.b.

Do this: cook and drain the pasta al dente, pass it under the cold water to stop cooking and put it in a large container; add the dried tomatoes and capers Ortoledda (after washing them in lukewarm water and soaking for a while), the chopped and drained tuna, the chopped parsley, a little chilli pepper and stir; finally add the grated lemon rind, Season with the oil, stir again and put in the fridge for a while before serving.